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Torbey Video Producer Geneva, Switzerland


Les Athénéennes 2024 | 2024 | Geneva | 2’26”
A short video to summaries the 2024 version of the festival Les Athénéennes. A crowd of 8,000 festival-goers who enjoyed 40 hours of music performed by over 200 musicians from 14 countries.
Florenz – Sefer ī Jahn | 2024 | Jena, Germany | 2’22”
A music video clip, from the album “Lieder Stadt Reisen”
Sonate no 5 | 2024 | Geneva | 3’32”
A series of four msuic video clips, featuring Ensemble Zelenka, a group dedicated to baroque music for wind instruments.
OSR | Festival des soloists | 2024 | Geneva
A video series designed for Orchestre de la Suisse Romande’s social media platforms. Promoting “Festival des Solistes”, these videos showcase the Musical and Artistic Director, Jonathan Nott.
Les Athénéennes, 13ème édition – Teaser 2024
Les Athénéennes, Festival de musiques Genève, 30 mai – 8 juin 2024
Small Heel | 2023 | Geneva | 14’20”
A piano concerto, composed by Marc Perrenoud, commissioned by OSR and orchestrated by Alexandre Mastrangelo, had its world premiere at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, Switzerland.


OSR | 2024 | Geneva | Social Media
Three-episode series, Steve Roger, Director General of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR), on a mission to unveil the highly anticipated program for the upcoming season 2024 – 2025.
2021 | SWITZERLAND | 16min | VO FR ST EN
Emma’s long-awaited pregnancy takes a difficult turn when the child is diagnosed with Down syndrome. The dilemma of abortion challenges her marriage and future.


EHL Innovation Hub | 2023 | Lausanne | 3’21”
A portrait video about the start-up Golden Olive Suisse
Tamedia | 2023 | Lausanne | 3’11”
A short film produced to showcase Tamedia to its advertisers and partners.
IMAD | 2021 | Geneva | 1’23”
A short video was produced to express gratitude to all IMAD employees for their dedication and hard work during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • The Art of Now | 2023 | Geneva | 4’16”

    A dance battle by Chocolate Muffin & Kofi, merging contemporary art with underground hip-hop. Co-produced by the Geneva Contemporary Art Center & Flux Laboratory.
  • One One One | 2023 | Geneva | 5’51” | Video Producer

    An intimate performance where two chairs host two spectators. The dancers guide an edgy, humorous, and boundary-pushing journey that creates a unique, private moment within a public setting.
  • Hooked | 2023 | Geneva | 3’54” | Video Producer

    At Flux Laboratory, choreographer-dancers Anne-Charlotte Hubert and Audrey Dionis crafted their project “Hooked,” engaging in a dynamic dialogue with the space.
  • Carte blanche | 2023 | Geneva | 4’58” | Video Producer

    Choreographer Nadia Vadori-Gauthier launched “Une minute de danse par jour” to use dance to revive everyday spaces and foster connection amidst the crisis. It started as a transient act but evolved into a long-term endeavor linked to current events.
  • Why This Now? Water | 2023 | Geneva | 4’30” | Video Producer

    Lucie Eidenbenz’s “Why this now?” delves into Earth coexistence in its 8-minute WATER episode at Art Genève. Characters humorously navigate elemental challenges, prompting reflections on life’s flow and our body’s water composition.

Video Clips

2020 | 4′ 39” | JAZZ | DIRECTOR
2021 | 4′ 50” | ARAB MODERN | DIRECTOR
BY Ghina bou Hamdan
2020 | 4′ 15” | JAZZ | DIRECTOR

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The International Trade Centre booth during the WTO Public Forum 2023.
Dorothy Tembo, the Deputy Executive Director at the International Trade Centre, discusses the impact of the war in Ukraine on African countries’ importing and exporting of key essentials such as wheat, sunflower seed, and seed.
A reportage filmed in Sion, Switzerland, featured in a special BBC Extra episode on BBC Arabic. The video centers around Emmanuelle Alingrin’s remarkable journey, as she successfully reunites with her biological family, thanks to a DNA test.

Making films is not just a profession;
it’s a medium to express myself,
convey meaningful messages,
and strive
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My journey into the world of video production began in Syria in the early 2000s when I first laid hands on a webcam. From that moment, I was captivated by the power of visual storytelling.
After working for many years in different cities, including Damascus, Amman, Geneva and Vevey, my passion for videos was so profound that I left a prestigious job to pursue my dream. I studied cinema and digital video production, and since then, I have dedicated myself to creating videos.
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