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Sonate no 5 | 2024 | Geneva | 3’32”
A series of four msuic video clips, featuring Ensemble Zelenka, a group dedicated to baroque music for wind instruments.
OSR | Festival des soloists | 2024 | Geneva
A video series designed for Orchestre de la Suisse Romande’s social media platforms. Promoting “Festival des Solistes”, these videos showcase the Musical and Artistic Director, Jonathan Nott.
Small Heel | 2023 | Geneva | 14’20”
A piano concerto, composed by Marc Perrenoud, commissioned by OSR and orchestrated by Alexandre Mastrangelo, had its world premiere at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, Switzerland.


  • Hooked

    2023 | Geneva | 3’54”
    At Flux Laboratory, choreographer-dancers Anne-Charlotte Hubert and Audrey Dionis crafted their project “Hooked,” engaging in a dynamic dialogue with the space. Within this context, the body harnessed its ability to make choices while being influenced by various elements.
  • Carte blanche

    2023 | Geneva | 4’58”
    Choreographer Nadia Vadori-Gauthier launched “Une minute de danse par jour” as a poetic response to the crisis, using dance to connect people and bring life back into everyday spaces. What began as a seemingly transient act turned into a long-term adventure tied to current events.
  • Why This Now? Water

    2023 | Geneva | 4’30”
    Lucie Eidenbenz’s “Why this now?” explores Earth coexistence in its 8-minute WATER episode at Art Genève. Characters humorously navigate fire, water, earth, and air, shedding layers on a Saturn-like platform. This prompts questions about life’s flow and our body’s water composition.
  • One One One

    2023 | Geneva | 5’51”
    By Ioannis Mandafounis is an intimate performance where two chairs host two spectators. The dancers guide an edgy, humorous, and boundary-pushing journey that creates a unique, private moment within a public setting.