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TV & Interviews

The International Trade Centre booth during the WTO Public Forum 2023.
Dorothy Tembo, the Deputy Executive Director at the International Trade Centre, discusses the impact of the war in Ukraine on African countries’ importing and exporting of key essentials such as wheat, sunflower seed, and seed.
A reportage filmed in Sion, Switzerland, featured in a special BBC Extra episode on BBC Arabic. The video centers around Emmanuelle Alingrin’s remarkable journey, as she successfully reunites with her biological family, thanks to a DNA test.


COMESA Trade Facilitation Training Programme
A promo video about the COMESA Trade Facilitation Training Programme, which is an European Commission-funded initiative aimed at facilitating small-scale cross-border trade within the Kessa tripartite region.
Energy Consumption
An intro video for e-learning course about issue of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the ICT sector, which is projected to increase twice by 2030.
The Use AI Avatar
An e-learning video, created with the assistance of an AI tool, showcasing an AI avatar.